Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Daily Dahl 9/22/13

The Daily Dahl -- Sunday Edition
22 September, 2013
Banned Books Week:

Hey all, it's Banned Books Week! This is a great time to appreciate reading and understanding. This week people are encouraged to focus on the freedom of reading. Readers should be able to access all information in order to research new learning. Reading betters the reader as well as the author. Certain realities exist and should not be expelled from literature because they are difficult to grasp or expose violence and misconduct. Yet, books are consistently challenged. Much of this happens behind the scenes; publishers may choose not to pick up books with certain content, book stores may deny to shelf the books, or educators may choose not to discuss these stories with peers and pupils. Banning and challenging books takes place all over the world. This is why Banned Books Week was created and is sponsored by large associations such as 
The American Library Association and many more.
To read more about what Banned Books Week is all about, check out the ALA website here

If you want to get involved, chances are you will be able to find events taking place in your city. In my city of Mt. Pleasant, my university is hosting read-alouds and events to promote Banned Books Week. If you're living in the states, check out events that may be happening in your state here. Get involved! This is the time to encourage and promote literacy in your community and make a big difference. 

If you have a favorite book that was once challenged or banned, read it aloud to someone, share it, share why you love it. Here's a list of the top banned or challenged books in 2012. Recognize the titles? Many of these are loved by many readers who want access to this knowledge. Go on, be proud of the books you love. Personally, I can't imagine never having the pleasures of the Harry Potter series or The Catcher in the Rye

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