Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We've Moved! Under New Management! Grand Opening!

This will be the last post by Zooey Dahl.

I've graduated. I'm hanging up the alias and leading a new life.
Actually, I've just moved around the corner. 

Fear not ladies and gents. I'm simply moving to a new blogging platform. I will slowly make the transition of connecting this content to my new blog, but in the meantime please come follow me at:

My purpose for transitioning to a new blogging platform, WordPress, is simply to expand my expertise in online media. Also, as I've just recently graduated college, it seems appropriate to drop the alias I've been using, Zooey Dahl, and connect with my readers more professionally. I still intend to have fun with my blog. I've just introduced a new co-blogger as well (you'll have to visit my new blog to meet him). The content will remain the same: CL, YA, ML book reviews and literary discussion posts. I'm also interested in working with more authors, so if that's you, shoot me an email at kalee.lynn.stegehuis at Gmail. 

I hope to be hearing from you at my new site! 

Forever yours, 

Zooey Dahl

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