Well hello!
Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm assuming, since you're here, you're looking to know a little about me. yes?

A little about me:
Well, some people know me as Zooey (please note, this is a pen name as I choose to keep my blog life separate from well, everything else in my life.) If you haven't already guessed from my blog. I love to read. always have. 

Currently, I am a student studying English. But when is a student just a student? I'm also a bookworm, travel enthusiast, amazing soccer player, and astronaut.... okay, not really an astronaut, but a girl can dream can't she?

I am 22 years old and working a million jobs at once so I can do all the traveling I want to someday. I also love to volunteer. I'm always looking to help out others when I'm not reading or working. After I graduate college (December, Baby!) I hope to enter the world of publishing. I have always loved books and I want to promote both reading and writing in my future. I want to help authors get discovered as well as get people reading! Because really, what's better than reading??

My greatest inspiration is the work of writer, Roald Dahl. I'm absolutely in love with his imagination and his fearlessness. If you haven't already, check him out and tell me your thoughts. You can read about my thoughts on the writing of Roald Dahl here.

Why I blog:
I am blogging because I want to promote reading to anyone that I can. I am also very passionate about helping authors and publishers promote their work. I am even interested in trying my hand at some editing. Since I want to work for a publishing company someday, I think this is a start to building relationships with other people in the bookish community. We book lovers have to stick together! 

Ultimately, I am here for you (yes, you). Please feel free to message me if there is anything you would like to see me write about, and I will try my best to oblige. I will mostly be doing reviews, but I am hoping to connect with readers, authors, and publishers to just chat about reading and writing in general. 

Meet my Co-blogger (a.k.a my little brother) Zahn:

Hey! My name is Zahn. I am twelve years old and an avid reader. I am one of six siblings (including two sets of twins) and my family is a huge part of my life. I love 'em!

I am in fifth grade, and my favorite subject is math. In my free time I like to build Legos, play video games, play outside, and of course, I read. When I grow up I want to design and invent things because, well, that would just be cool. 

Let's see my favorite things to read are Science Fiction and Realistic Fiction. I love the Harry Potter series and Percy Jackson. Also, I have read all of the 39 clues books so far!

If you want to contact me, please do so via zooeydahl[at]gmail[dot]com, and put my name [Zahn] in the message title. 


Also, this is an image of someone else's cat:

We can't wait to get blogging!
Please feel welcome to leave comments or email us.

write on!

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  1. Hi Zooey,

    Love the blog. Looks like a lot of fun content. Thank you for stopping in at our blog and following us. We are now following you back. Looking forward to your future posts!

    Happy Reading!

    Lily & Erin


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