Rating System

I use a standard rating system for my book reviews. I use foxes instead of typical stars, but the system is much the same. I have described the system using characters from the novels of Roald Dahl. However, I do not mean to claim any of Dahl's originality.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, but please note that they are based solely on my personal opinion. They are my honest opinion, but I do not intend to insult anyone. I simply want my readers to have my complete thoughts on the novel.

5 FOXES:        “Fantastic”
            This book was so good I would buy it without looking at the price tag.
The characters were well rounded and lovable (or perfectly hated). The plot was entertaining, surprising, and inspiring. I was so happy with it I nearly squealed with delight.
If there is a sequel coming, it is already marked on my calendar.

Fantastic Mr. Fox would be proud of something so clever. 

4 FOXES:        “Almost Magical”
            An excellent read! This is a book you will want to cuddle up with (if that’s your style of course).  There is no reason for this book to be unloved, but a few “trunchbull’s” may be lurking among the pages. The characters and plot were enjoyable. A few minor flaws may have interrupted the reading, but nothing too distracting.

Matilda would gladly add this book to her collection. 

3 FOXES:        “A Kranky recipe”
            The story was good, but it’s not one I’m dying to read again. I was distracted by a few missing elements in the story, character flaws, or lack of creativity. Overall, it was a pleasing read, but it lacked a few ingredients to spice it up.

George Kranky would agree that some missing ingredients may have sent this novel in the wrong direction, but something good certainly came from it.

2 FOXES:        “Gloop”
            Well, it wasn’t dreadful. The story had a few good moments; it made me laugh, cry, or gasp at least once, but it was overall unsatisfying. The characters were boring or flat, and the plot was uncreative or shallow. The story could have trimmed some “fat” in places and sharpened others.

Augustus Gloop could be a physical representation of this particular novel. 

1 FOX:             “Terribly Twit-Tastic”
            This novel was so terrible I thought the twit’s were the force behind this torture. It was so painful to read that I only finished it due to an obligation or a challenge.  The plot was cryptic or predictable. The characters were undefined, plain, unlovable, or redundant. I would rather recommend you play tag with trolls than read this book.

The twits could have written it better.

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