Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Library Love!

Here's a story too good not to share -

I have the coolest librarian. Three weeks ago I was desperately hunting for a rentable copy of World War Z by Max Brooks. To my dismay, waiting lists were growing and the library exchange throughout the state seemed to be completely depleted as well. I mentioned this to my librarian while checking out some books for my younger siblings. He helped me search but could not find a readily available copy in the system. I was faced with the option of scrounging up couch coins to buy myself a copy or joining the lengthy waiting lists. I was resigned to my fate when my librarian pulled out a copy of the book. It was his personal copy which he had just bought at a book fair. In complete trust he lent me his copy. I had it read just in time for my book club meeting and just in time to see the movie coming out this weekend. If it weren't for him I might still be on a waiting list! Not only did he give me a personal copy of his book, but spoke with me for nearly thirty minutes about zombie novels. It felt great to have a real book conversation that didn't happen in cyberspace. This librarian should wear a cape!

I'd love to hear some other great library stories - comment or email me if you have one to share.
When I returned the book, I included a note of thanks along with a free movie pass for his great service (perhaps he'll see the book's film). It was my pleasure to share this story with my coworkers as well. I've been working in customer service for almost ten years now, so I know how difficult it can be to always go above and beyond. The company I currently work for has begun a 'tagging' project where employees are able to pass out a free film pass for celebrated service. I am proud that mine was given to a librarian. You know, we bookish people need to stick together.

Also, I will be posting my review of World War Z this Saturday, so check back to read my thoughts on the novel! 

In the meantime, spread some library love.
Zooey xx

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