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Guest Post: D.D Chant, Author of Broken City and more!

From D.D Chant:

Hello everyone!

My name is D.D. Chant and I’m 26 years old, you can call me DeeDee. I’m an Indie Author who writes new adult novels, I also sing in a band with my sister, we're called Gentian. We’ve recently had two of our songs played on Radio Devon, which is VERY exciting!!! 

The main genres that I write in are sci-fi, dystopia, historical and a little chick-lit! I know that’s a bit of a weird combination! If you’re wondering which is the hardest to write, I’d have to say historical. There are so many more rules that you have to follow, historic events that you have to work in to your plot. Although I have taken some liberties with history, I’ve tried to stick to the facts when I can. 

People often ask me why I write and more especially why I would choose to self-publish. The first question is easy to answer: I write because I love writing! To me it’s like reading your favourite sort of story, only you get to decide how it all ends!!!
The second question is a little more difficult to answer. I guess it’s because it’s a bit of an adventure! I like the freedom of writing stories that I would want to read myself, and that I can price my books at .99p. As an avid reader myself I know how expensive a book addiction can be!

‘Broken City’ is my first published novel, a romantic adventure set in a broken world. It’s the start of a series set in a dystopian near future and tells the story of Deeta, a young woman who has never left the building she was born in. The next book in the series, ‘Broken Truce,’ is awaiting editing. I’m hoping to have finished and published it in a few months time.
Check out her book "Broken City" at Amazon and Smashwords!

Also, here's a short clip about her book! (find it at youtube

At this point I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Zooey for reading and reviewing Broken City! I really appreciate it! ;-P
My second series is called ‘The Lady Quill Chronicles,’ a romantic adventure set in Saxon England. The first book, ‘The Promise’, tells the story of five foster brothers and how a single battle changes the course of their lives forever. I’m half way through book two, ‘The Vow’, at the moment and I’m so excited! You know how sometimes when you’re reading a series and in the first book you really get attached to the characters only to find out in the next book they have mysteriously disappeared??? I hate that!!! All of the main characters from the first book make an appearance in the second, or have a jolly good reason for being absent!!!

Find The Promise at Amazon and Smashwords

My 3rd series is called ‘The Chronicles of Discord’. ‘Fracture’, the first book, is also a dystiopian adventure/romance. The story is set far in the future when the world has united into 3 super powers who are at war with one another. The Tula and the Una hate one another and the Free Nation must choose a side to fight on. Caught in the middle of them all is Astra, a young woman who guards a secret that could destroy them all…

Read her newest series at Amazon and Smashwords

I also have a series of short stories: ‘Claire and the Party’ and ‘Claire and the haircut of Doom’. They were great fun to write and I’ve had such a great response that I’m planning a full length adventure for Claire in the future! More than that I cannot say! ;-P

As a special perk for Zooey’s followers I’m giving away free digital copies of ‘Claire and the Party’!!! Just go to the link bellow and enter this code: WA32H

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The coupon code runs out on the 5th June 2013.
Thank you so much for listening to my rambling, I hope that you’re tempted to try one of my books. If you do I hope you like it!!! Thank you again to Zooey for having me on your blog!

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I also found some of her band's, Gentian, music here at reverbnation. Check it out. Sounds good!

And now, I want to say a HUGE thanks to DeeDee. Thanks for being so patient with me while I was reading your book. And thank you for sharing this great piece of literature with me!

I finished reading "Broken City" just before I finished school and it was a great escape from worrying about exams! Chant creates very realistic characters and an epic adventure. She is a very talented writer and I especially enjoyed her particular writing style. Chant has a unique 'writing voice', if you will. I loved the fluid language and the first person narrative of Deeta. "Broken City" is an excellent read! I definitely recommend getting this one, and while your at it, pick up a free copy of her book "Claire and the Party".


  1. Thank you soooo much, Zooey! I'm so glad you enjoyed Broken City and really appreciate you having me guest post on your blog!

    DeeDee. xxx

    1. Absolutely! It was my pleasure having you here. I really did enjoy Broken City, and I look forward to reading more of your works. In the meantime, best luck with publishing your lastest installments!

  2. Great interview and thanks for the book DD, it's the only one I haven't read yet.


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