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Daily Dahl 5/26/13

The Daily Dahl - Sunday Edition
26 May 2013

Today's feature comes from Publishers Weekly. It's about two cousins and their serendipitous book publication. It was such an adorable story, I had to share it!

Article Title: Lost and Bound: A Misplaced Notebook Finds a Publisher
Found at Publishers Weekly website
Originally written by Sue Corbett
Published May 23, 2013

My Summary: 
When cousins Isabelle Busath and Isabelle Thordsen, ages 10 and 8 respectively, lost their hand-crafted rule book at a Walmart parking lot, I'm sure they were only hoping to have it returned to them. What actually happened is much more amazing. 
When the Walmart employee tried to return the lost rule book to its owners, he ended up contacting the local news to seek out the owner. From there, the story was picked up nationally. 
The girls were returned their rule book, and in response to their creative endeavor, were offered publication.
The book featured over 150 rules, but after some editing, now contains almost 200 rules written by the cousins. The text will be kept in its original format, with the girls' handwriting, misspellings, and illustrations. 
For a look at some of the rules of the book, click the link above. They're so much fun! My personal favorite is "Don't color on people". Those are words of wisdom for every soul, and an uplifting read for those who want to experience the cousins project to guide their younger siblings. 
Look for the book this October from Simon and Schuster!

Corbett, Sue. "Lost and Bound: A Misplaced Notebook Finds a Publisher." Publishers Weekly. Publishers Weekly, 23 May 2013. Web. 25 May 2013.
Publishers Weekly Contact Information HERE

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