Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading -- What's in it for Me?

So, I meant to post this Thursday, then Friday, and now it's Saturday and I'm finally posting it. Sorry for the delay, but I've been battling an infested house of sickies and small demons. Okay, actually I've just been really busy.

Anyway, have you ever been asked the question "Why do you read?" If you're an avid reader then you've probably thought about this. So here, I've decided to share my reason for reading with the world.

First, it never even occurred to me to NOT read. Me, the nerdy girl in school, never even realized my classmates weren't reading the books until one of my teachers made a joke about it. I remember thinking "What!? They're not reading it? But it's so good. How can't they? Besides, how do they plan to pass all the pop quizes?" Yep. That was the naive little me all through school. It wasn't until I got to college that I actually did not complete an assigned book *Gasp*. So, for me, reading is natural. Like some people are naturally athletic, I was born to read.

I read when I was young because it was fun. I mean, isn't reading fun? It's like watching a movie; we want to be entertained. If we're not entertained, why are we reading? But reading, as I grew to learn, is so much more than entertainment. Reading was an adventure on any given day (I was particularly fond of mysteries when I was quite young). I learned things when I read (like how to assume a different identity, but shhh). But it wasn't the little facts that wedged themselves into the pages that kept me reading, it was the people. There are just so many people with so many different stories and I want to read them all. Sure, some people are fiction, but I never let that hinder my belief in them. I always knew there was some truth to every story, someone somewhere understood. And sometimes, I understood. Whether it was that quarrel with a sibling (paranormal or not) or the shock of sudden disaster, there was always something that hit home. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you! Did you raise your hand? I knew you would :)

Another thing I love about reading is the art. Words don't just craft themselves; it takes serious dedication and work to put together a story. An author is much like a painter. If you've ever been to an art gallery (which, if you haven't go now. yes, now, go now) you understand how thrilling artwork can be. And stories are just as thrilling. Writing is such a beautiful thing, and I for one, intend on taking in its full delight. I've never been a fast reader, and I don't care. If I read a sentence I really enjoy, I'll read it multiple times over. That's the beauty of reading.

And then there is this wonderful thing called symbolism. Oh, and theme, and even syntax and grammar. Without all of these things we wouldn't be able to return to our favorite stories, nor would we want to. The best thing about stories is that they can be read multiple ways, even by the same person. I experienced this with Frankenstein. After each read, I started to read other things too; things about science, woman rights, language, and even love.

And, for a plethora of other reasons I chose not to discuss here, that is why I read. Why do you read?

Bonus!! check out this awesome page on Goodreads with famous quotes about books. What's your favorite reading quote??
Mine's by Lemony Snicket (friggen LOVE this guy) "Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." Doesn't that just make you smile?

read on!

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