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The Daily Dahl 6/9/13

The Daily Dahl - Sunday Edition
6 June 2013

I found today's article via Flipboard. Found at, this story led me to discover Flying Eye Books. After reading this article I was compelled to get a few of their books. See what you think!

Article Title: Interview: Sam Arthur of Nobrow and Flying Eye Books
Found via Flipboard
Originally written by Gavin Lucas 
Published June 7, 2013

My Summary:
Flying Eye Books of Nobrow has gained recognition in deeply artistic books for youth and children. 
In this interview, Sam Arthur discusses the exciting new projects at Flying Eye Books. They have books for children aged 3-11. Books that have already been published include books about monsters, robots, and Topsy Turvy - a book about everything being backwards. Flying Eye Books is working on new titles as well as translating other children's books from other languages.
It all sounds like the new imprint of Nobrow publishing has some great things up and coming. I'm super excited to explore more from this company. Perhaps I'll even feature one of these books in my picturebook reviews!The images seen in the article are gorgeous. They are very artistic and bold.
Check out their fun website too. Watch the animated clip to enter the website - it's so fun!On the website you can purchase books and preview some more great book artwork. 
Check out this company dedicated to printing beautiful and entertaining books here

Lucas, Gavin. "Interview: Sam Arthur of Nobrow and Flying Eye Books." Cool Hunting. Ed. Josh Rubin. Captain Lucas Inc., 7 June 2013. Web. 9 June 2013.

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