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The Daily Dahl 6/23/13

The Daily Dahl -- Sunday Edition
23 June 2013

I really enjoy reading the New York Times online. Today I jumped into the book section and found this interesting article. I have a lot of respect for Children's Literature and completely agree with the specialization of this genre. Here's a review of an exhibition for children's literature at the New York Public Library. 

Article Title: Bedtime with Puritans and Wild Things: Public Library's 'ABC of It' Looks at Children's Books
Found directly from source
Originally written by Edward Rothstein
Published June 20, 2013

My Summary:
In this review of the New York Public Library's exhibition, Rothstein makes many valid considerations of children's literature and its progression throughout the ages. The exhibition covers the history of children's literature from The New England Primer to Where the Wild Things Are. One point Rothstein makes is that the exhibition's use of ipads to encourage learning and interaction in the exhibition, is the realization that "you are using a technology that may already be displacing these hallowed artifacts." And that by the end you wonder how children's books today "can even come close." 
There's a certain power to children's literature, and it is witnessed throughout the history of the genre. Rothstein acknowledges the Romantic shift in children's literature to the Progressive writings. Both have merit in acclaimed children's literature. From the "here and now" philosophy of Progressive writings to the high fantasy of Romantic writings, yet both reflect the "world of authority and the world of play." 

Check out this slideshow from the exhibition. These are just a few images from the exhibition. I'd love to go! It looks great. 

I really enjoyed this article and I encourage all to read it. Children's literature is incredibly important. It brings the child and adult together to discover what growing up is all about, but also to remember the power of fantasy and curiosity. 

I'm interested what power your favorite children's books have had on you. No matter your age, returning to those books can be more than just nostalgic. What is that makes you love them still? Would you say the favorite books from your childhood had a stronger grip on you than the ones in adulthood? 

Rothstein, Edward. "Bedtime with Puritans and Wild Things: Public Library's 'ABC of It' Looks    at Children's Books." New York Times     20 June 2013: C25. Web. 23 June 2013. <>.

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