Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zahn's Review: Return to Exile by E.J Patten

Return to Exile (The Hunter Chronicles #1)
by E.J Patten
500 pages
Simon and Schuster, 20ll

Goodreads Description: 
Eleven years ago, a shattered band of ancient monster hunters captured an unimaginable evil and Phineas T. Pimiscule rescued his nephew, Sky, from the wreckage of that great battle. For eleven years, Sky Weathers has studied traps, puzzles, science, and the secret lore of the Hunters of Legend believing it all a game. For eleven years, Sky and his family have hidden from dark enemies while, unbeknownst to Sky, his uncle Phineas sacrificed everything to protect them.

For eleven years, Sky Weathers has known nothing of that day.

But on the eve of Sky's twelfth birthday and his family's long-awaited return to the town of Exile, everything changes. Phineas has disappeared, and Sky finds himself forced to confront the mysterious secrets he's denied for so long: why did his family leave Exile on that day so long ago? What, exactly, has Phineas been preparing him for? And, the biggest mystery of all, who is Sky really and why does everyone want to kill him?!

Featuring an action-packed plot that covers the gamut of every monster you've never heard of (not to mention weird powers and weapons made out of garbage), Return to Exile is brimming with boy and girl appeal and is a gem for reluctant young readers. And, with a diverse assortment of well-aged monster hunters in the cast, this series will be a hit with adults young and old as well

My Review:
When Sky moves to Exile, the place where he was born, strange things start to happen. First, his beloved uncle disappears, then he meets monster hunters, and uncovers secrets best not found out. What will Sky do?

I liked that this book has a constant thrill to it, and a fantastic mystery. Sky, Phineas, Crystal, Andrew, T-Bone, and Hands were all such fun characters! The plot was fun too. I enjoyed reading how they planned to save the world and uncle Phineas. This is a good book about heroism! There is plenty of courage as well as mystery, which I loved. I really have no complaints about this book at all!

I give this a 5 out of 5 foxes! Loved it!

Reviewed by Zahn

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