Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sweet Reading Bliss

Has anything ever been as sweet as summer?
This being my last summer as a student, I intend to! Who's with me?

I'm filled with guilty excitement for this summer's reading. I can finally choose books of my own that aren't educational in any way! It was a stressful semester, so it'll be nice to kick back for a few months. I mean, look at all the reading I had to do!

It's a bit scary to think I'll be graduated at the end of the year, and my summers will hopefully be spent earning big 'ol bucks working my dream job. But in the meantime, I have time to lay out, grab a book, and read. Today I tried this in a bikini in my backyard... and I discovered reading can be quite painful on hot summer days.

Anyway, the point of this post is to really say, "hey, look at me. I'm still here." I know I'm not much of a blogger, with my extended disappearances and all, but I maybe, just maybe, I'll spark your interest in something. I am so in love with reading right now! I hope you are too.

One of my best summer accomplishments so far - besides my red hot sunburn - is that I have successfully persuaded my little brother Zahn to write weekly reviews with me (he's twelve already, can you believe it!) I'm also hoping to keep up with publishing and other bookish news to share and discuss with anyone that wants to. It'll either be super fun or just, plain boring; it really depends on how interested you are in that sort of news, but I'd love to converse with you no matter your level of interest. Look out, I may even have a few more things up my sleeve!

I really want to know what everyone's summer reading looks like! What are you reading or plan to read? What's new in literature that has captured your attention?
Comment or send me an email - I would love to hear from you.

Also - baby foxes:


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