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Review and Author Interview: Forgotten Time by Lorraine Beaumont

Review: Forgotten Time (part 1 and 2) by Lorraine Beaumont.
Publisher: Owlet Press, 2012
Pages: 170(part 1) and 105(part 2)
Format: ebook
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Goodreads Description:
Katherine Nicole Jamison never imagined when she took a job at a prestigious auction house for the summer, that one moment of impulsiveness could change her life forever. When she "borrows" an ancient amulet she inadvertently sets in motion a series of events which results in her waking up in 18th century England, betrothed to an arrogant, self-centered Earl.

Sebastian de Winter ~ The Earl of Ravenhurst, is a renowned womanizer who always prided himself as being a ladies man, until he is left standing at the altar. His betrothed vanishes into thin air and as if by magic reappears months later. But is she his betrothed?

Ravenhurst ~ a once forgotten legend, locked somewhere within the gloomy confines of this ancient edifice is the key that will unlock the door of time itself.

Katherine and Sebastian are thrown together by forces unknown, and are unwitting participants in a legend as old as King Arthur’s Realm. As these two very different, but very real people succumb to their hidden desires, they find in each other what no one else can give them, an everlasting love which time cannot forget.

My Review:
** Make sure to check out the author interview at the end of this review! **

Forgotten Time is a fast-paced read with a good balance of heated romance and twisting plot to make a well-rounded novel.

The story revolves around Katherine who, through her own curiosity, is mistaken for the fiancée of a mysterious and very sexy gentleman… only Katherine isn’t living in 2012 any longer. Beaumont juxtaposes our world today against the 18th century time of knights, manors, and creepy gargoyles.

What I liked about this story was moments of imagery. Beaumont crafted some delicate scenes, which really livened the atmosphere of the novel. For example, Beaumont writes,

            “Red glowing taillights blazed into the darkness as each car stopped in front            of the massive columned stairs, depositing guests in all of their finery.”

Along with some fine imagery, Beaumont creates an interesting twist in the story by switching character viewpoints often. At first I thought that switching viewpoints so often would create confusion, but Beaumont wrote it well enough that I was not confused at all whose thoughts I were reading.

As for the romance, this was my first experience with any kind of erotica. I have to say though that I actually liked it. The romance in this story was tense and in the few heated moments between Katherine and Sebastian I was reading intensely. Beaumont teases her readers, and I for one was begging for more!

What I didn’t like about this novel was the clashing of a few ideas. First, we are introduced to Ned, who is supposedly just plain gross – he picks his teeth and probably his nose too. But, Ned speaks like a romantic and treats Katherine as a gentleman would. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like or hate Ned. The next man in Katherine’s life doesn’t make this distinction either. When Sebastian, an irresistibly handsome Earl, takes interest in Katherine (whom he believes is his intended fiancée, Marguerite) he has old charm, yet his intentions to abandon his future wife are less than honorable. The novel seemed to lack a distinct hero or heroine. Katherine, our main character, lacked any romantic qualities. Although she was witty and upbeat, Katherine would rather lounge on the couch after work than take on the night. Katherine begs for Sebastian’s attention even though his disdain towards her is clear – not an admirable trait in my opinion.

Also, I have some pet peeves when it comes to what I read and grammar is one of them. I’m no grammar critic, and I could care less if a few commas are misplaced. However, when I read a sentence that just doesn’t read right and I have to stop reading because of it, I get annoyed. In a published work, this just doesn’t belong. That said- my reading was halted enough that I feel it necessary to mention the problem.

Another peeve of mine is that I’m just not a fan of reading about vomit, or other bodily functions for that matter. There were a few points in my reading that I had to put the book down because of the imagery. This wasn’t a common problem, but it bothered me enough to distract me from the story. Of course, I may be the only person to be truly bothered by this.

Lastly, I don’t think it was necessary to split this book into two parts. It makes the book seem rushed when the second part fits perfectly with part one. I don’t understand the reasoning for it, but I think the split only forces readers to stop reading at an awkward twist in the story that would have been continued better in one volume.

I give Forgotten Time two out of five foxes. The plot was witty and fast-paced. Also, the juxtaposition of two times was really interesting. I didn’t like that the confusion of antagonists, and a few grammatical errors really deterred my reading. Ultimately, I think this would be a great book with some further editing.

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Interview with the author, Lorraine Beaumont:

 When did you begin writing? What made you want to be a writer?
I can’t really recall an exact date, but when I was a teenager.  I wrote Poetry mostly at first. I didn’t really know what I wanted to be, I enjoyed doing lots of things, and writing was one of them.  I am a really big story teller, and have an obsession with good paper and fountain pens. That should have clued me in a long time ago;0)

What inspires you while you are writing?
            Anything, everything, music has a lot to do with it. I surround myself with things that make me happy….see picture, my mad work area…

The lovely workspace of Lorraine Beaumont

What was your greatest challenge when writing Forgotten Time?
            Focusing, I have like, a self imposed A.D.D. thing, I get sidetracked really easy.

Do you have anything new planned?
            YES! Time to Remember will be out this summer which is a continuation of Forgotten Time. 

Any other stories you are planning or just itching to write?
             I am really excited about the other project I am working on which is almost done, it is a contemporary paranormal YA.  I am really excited about it but can’t say anything else right now, it’s a BIG secret.

Will you leave us with a favorite quote of yours?
            I have a few, “to find Treasure you may need to get your hands dirty”…. “A bit of indulgence is good for the soul”

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  1. Seems like great book:] I actually have never read timetravelling books but will try to read this some day. (Your recent follower, would be pleased if you could check out my blog http://www.secretlifeofstudent.blogspot.com/ and follow back)

    1. Thanks Inga! It was a new type of read for me for sure. I wasn't used to erotica or time-travel, but was pleased with this book as an introduction to the genre. Forgotten Time was pretty unique for being both an erotica, time travel, and even a somewhat paranormal story.

      Thanks for the follow! I will be sure to follow back:)


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