Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

By Kiersten White
Published by Harper Teen in 2011
237 pages

Evie’s back, and spunky as ever!

Kiersten White’s sequel to Paranormalcy wasn’t quite what I was anticipating, but it offered a good amount of drama, action, and romance to satisfy any reader.

In this novel, Evie has finally settled down into a normal life. After her time at the center, she is finally living in an apartment of her own, has a regular job, and even goes to school (with lockers and all.) Except, normal is never normal for Evelyn Green. When a new friend, Jack, shows up in Evie’s apartment, she gets drawn back into her chase of paranormals with the IPCA. Will Evie ever be normal? Will she ever feel at home? The faeries seem to be after Evie and she is bound to defy them. With Jack’s help, she may have the opportunity to finally be rid of the faeries and forget all the evil they have done to her. However, Evie has to decide is this is what she really wants or if she can overcome her hatred.

What I liked about the novel was White’s humor. Her language is relatable to most teens today, which is a comfort when reading. Her humor is engaging to readers who will enjoy the sarcasm of Evie and her friends. Also, there was a spectacular surprise in the novel, which I admit, I might have gasped… out loud… in the library (okay, I did.)

What I didn’t like was the lack of maturity in characters. Evie and Lend remain very much the same throughout the novel. At one point in my reading I couldn’t help but think, “When is this girl going to grow up?” Unicorn dreams were really a bit much.  On that note, Evie wasn’t completely child-like; she did have a significant epiphany near the end of the novel, which I appreciated after my annoyances with her immaturity for so long. In my reading, I enjoyed White’s characters, but hoped for more depth. As for the plot, I’d say this book satisfied my need for a good, twisted plot. It had a slow start; I actually considered leaving it unfinished, but I am very glad that I didn’t. It was certainly worth waiting to get to the spectacular twist I mentioned previously and won’t tell you what it is.

I give this book three out of five foxes. It had a slow start, but the plot was captivating. Characters were lovable, but lacked depth. I would recommend this book to all book lovers, and it is certainly a worthwhile sequel for those who have read Paranormalcy.


  1. Great review! I might check this book out.

    1. Thanks! Have you read Paranormalcy? It's the first book in the series. Its my favorite of the two although they are both good.


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